Ignorant Bastage Thinks You’re Stupid! Apologizes For Being Beyond Ignorant!!!

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After Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, from Rhode Island danced on the graves of dead children before anyone had a chance to bury them, he now apologizes for the timing of his speech.

He has, in essence, said, because he’s an unfathomably ignorant b*tch, he was unaware of the loss and suffering of our fellow Americans.  And, that’s why he decided to go on his ‘hate Americans’ rant.  You see, the one person who died the day previously, that wasn’t enough to show constraint.  So, if we believe Whitehouse didn’t know he was dancing on several graves, we do know he was dancing on at least one.

Of course, we all know he’s a lying piece of shiite.  He knew that had happened.  To claim he didn’t know means that he and his aids didn’t know how to watch TV, read the news on the internet, or listen to the radio.  Which…

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