US Blaming Little Ireland For Their Idiocy!

suyts space


Good heavens.  Shooting the messenger is such a time honored tradition in the US that we’re now even attacking small nations over our depredation of US companies.

The US has the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world.  For some reason, some of our senators don’t understand why our companies wish to avoid paying these onerous taxes. 

Recently, they’ve decided to go after our tech industry, which I find fascinatingly stupid.  We have companies and politicians alike, whining, moaning, complaining that we’re not keeping up in the tech world.  That we need to import more tech savvy people. 

For our leftist people who may not understand this, I’ll briefly explain what’s happening.  As stated above, the US taxes corporations at the highest level in the developed world.  In fact, there’s only one other nation with a higher corporate tax.  Many companies create foreign divisions called subsidiaries which…

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