Scumbag Of The Year Award Winner!!

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So, they’re still pulling dead children and looking for survivors, out of an elementary school that got leveled in Moore, Oklahoma.

So, what’s on the left’s mind?

Glenn Thrush @GlennThrush

It is striking that Oklahoma’s senators are 1) a federal spending skeptic and 2) global warming denier

9:14 PM – 20 May 2013

He does the near impossible.  First, he demonstrates his lack sympathy for his fellow citizens. That’s enough to win scumbag of the day.  But, his entirely inappropriate focus is something else. He also wants to demonstrate his unfathomable stupidity by attempting to do what every other ideological scumbag does.  He tries to exploit human suffering, exposing his great ignorance of the topics he’s attempting to address.

So, what, exactly, is striking that Colburn has been tireless in his attempts to reign in wasteful government spending?  And, what is striking about Enhofe’s skepticism about the idiotic hyperbole…

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