Feds May Do The Right Thing For The Wrong Reason!!

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This is so stupid it’s special.  Because we’ve massively increased our part-time jobs, the fed may end their printing sooner, rather than later. 

The beginning of the end of the Federal Reserve’s massive bond-buying program might come sooner than many investors think if recent gains in the U.S. labor market do not prove fleeting…..

The marked improvement in the labor market since the U.S. central bank began its third round of quantitative easing, or QE3, has added an edge to calls by some policy hawks to dial down the stimulus. ……

“We could reduce somewhat the pace of our securities purchases, perhaps as early as this summer,” San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank President John Williams said on Thursday, adding that his view is that summer begins in mid-June.

The Fed’s balance sheet has swelled to some $3.3 trillion and officials have been debating whether this risks igniting future inflation…

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