Hippy Farmers Beg For Food!!!

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Occupy Oakland @OccupyOakland

#occupythefarm#otf needs support for dinner! Donations of food such as salad or fresh greens & hot food will keep farmers strong!

Uhmm, the farmers are suppose to provide food to people, not the other way around. 

The the University of California wants to sell a tract of land.  But, the occupy loons didn’t like that idea and so….

When 200 urban farmers, students and community members moved on to the Gill Tract on Earth Day, their goal was to protect one of the few remaining class 1 agricultural lands in San Francisco Bay’s former “fertile crescent.”

The occupiers demand UC Berkeley halt plans for further sale and private development of what was once the site of its renowned International Center for Biological Control. Instead, they propose an urban farm center to serve the research, training and development needs of the growing urban farm population…

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