What?!?!?!?! IRS Asks Pro-Life Group About The Content Of Their Prayers!!!

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Oh for…… if there was any question that the IRS was on a vendetta against US citizens, this removes any doubt.  And while engaging in persecution, it is shown to be not just of political persecution, but the IRS was engaged in religious persecution.  

Rep. Aaron Schock, reading from 150 page document from the Thomas Moore society which documents questions asked of pro-life groups by the IRS.  One from Iowa was told,

Former Commish Miller isn’t sure that this would be illegal. 

This is a great example of people possessing both malevolence and abject stupidity.

Besides the egregious violation of religious freedom, as protected by our constitution, the religious persecutors were also incredibly stupid.  In general what would a pro-life group pray for?  Does one have to pray to be pro-life? 

You can watch the video at Breitbart……

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