Leftards And Gun Grabbers Realizing 2nd Amendment Advocates Were Right!


suyts space

I don’t like using too many videos, but, you guys and gals should watch this as a veil seems to be lifting.

Will the leftards ever learn and understand that we’re right more often than not?  The Morning Joe’s realization is shocking enough.  But, this the most shocking.  Listen to what Piers is saying!

Of course, I don’t expect this to last.  Soon enough, they’ll forget all about this or find some way to rationalize this tyrannical behavior of our government.

I would note the HuffPo’s mouthpiece on the Morning Joe.  Look at how he’s spinning for the WH.  But, as we’ve noted several times before, corruption and incompetence are not mutually exclusive.  Just like malevolence and stupidity are not mutually exclusive.

Of course the background checks would have been used to make a national registry.  It would have been nearly impossible for it not to have been.  No, we…

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