A Culture Of Depravity — The Cheapening Of Life

Look for more like what Setbillus and Kansas did.

suyts space

This is what we were all concerned about.  And this is where it has taken us.  It was my sincere hope that Gosnell was the exception.  A once-in-a-lifetime monster.  I wanted it to be that way so I wouldn’t have to confront the idea that such monsters are common.  It’s easier to deal with.  We can say that Gosnell wasn’t part of society, that he was an aberration.  Like a Jeff Dalmer, that we can put him in a category that says this man isn’t part of humanity. 

I think now, we all, pro-life and abortion advocates alike need to the address the possible reality that Gosnell is not so much of an aberration.  Is it possible that we’ve created a niche where disturbed and depraved people can operate with near impunity?  Did we provide people with a safe haven in which to work their monstrous deeds?  It appears we…

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