Equal Protection and Equal Application Is Already A Law….. You Stupid JackAss

I WILL MAKE A NEW LAW…cause I refuse to uphold the one in place.

suyts space


Read this…..

Second, we’re going to put in place safe guards to make sure this kind of behavior can’t happen again and I have directed Secretary Lew to make sure the IRS implements the IG’s recommendations right away. Third, we will work with Congress as it performs its oversight roll and our administration has to make sure that we are working hand-in-hand with Congress to get this thing fixed. Congress, Democrats and Republicans owe it to the American people to treat that authority with the responsibility it deserves and in a way that doesn’t smack of politics or partisan agendas because I think one thing you’ve seen across the board is that everybody agrees what happened in as reported in the IG report is an outrage. The good news is it’s fixable and it’s in everybody’s best interest to fix it. I’ll do everything in my power to make sure…

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