Alright!!!! WHO DID THIS TO ME!!!????!!!! Imbecile thinks ice can change earth’s rotation!!!!

suyts space

Okay, so I took some time to have a few beers with my cousin while I ran an errand.  I come back and click on links provided.  …. Truly, I try to read them all.

But this, this is something someone had to know would send me into a tailspin.

Polar wander linked to climate change

Melting ice in Greenland may have helped to shift the location of the North Pole.

You can find the abstract here.

Of course, I’ve had a few, so going back and finding the responsible party isn’t optimal.  I cry.  I cry for me because of the headache.  I cry for the person who put this on this blog.  Clearly, they are a tortured soul.  Winking smile  But, truly, I cry for the young people who may believe this …. stuff.

Anyone remember the “row to the pole” story?

Richard Lovett is an imbecile.  He has…

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1 Response to Alright!!!! WHO DID THIS TO ME!!!????!!!! Imbecile thinks ice can change earth’s rotation!!!!

  1. daveburton says:

    Actually, Dr. Richard Lovett (referred to as “imbecile” above) is an astrophysicist, a lawyer, and an economist (degreed in all three), as well as a science journalist — and my friend. I know him from one of my alma maters, and he’s a bona fide genius. Truly.

    In this case, he’s wearing his journalist hat, and reporting on the conclusions of Dr. Jianli Chen (coincidentally from my other alma mater). So:

    1. Even if Chen’s reported conclusions are incorrect, suyts blamed the wrong guy.

    2. There’s nothing silly about the notion that changing the mass distribution of a spinning object changes the way it rotates. That’s just a fact. Have you never watched a high-diver?

    3. In fact, what’s silly is the notion that you could asymmetrically change the mass distribution of a spinning object without changing how it spins. If you merely stand up, walk across the room, and sit back down, you’ll have changed the Earth’s rotation, very, very slightly! If you don’t believe me, ask any physicist.

    4. Although we know that the globally averaged rate of sea-level rise has not measurably accelerated in over 80 years, that does not necessarily mean that the distribution of its ice mass hasn’t changed. If, for instance, Greenland’s melt rate increased as Antarctica’s accretion rate increased by the same amount, then there’d be no net change in rate of sea-level rise, but the mass distribution of the Earth’s ice sheets would change, causing tiny changes in the way the Earth rotates.

    So Dr. Chen has attempted to quantify the effects of such ice mass shifts on the Earth’s rotation, and correlate them with tiny detected movements of the Earth’s poles. That’s actually kind of interesting. He might be right, or he might be wrong, but it isn’t about climate alarmism, or Hank Johnson’s worries about Guam, and it isn’t “imbecilic.”

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