Obama on IRS Scandal: I’ve Got No Patience With It

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At a press conference Zero stated, “If in fact IRS personnel engaged in the practices being reported on then…that’s outrageous,” President Obama said.

Obama was asked about when he first found out about the IRS targeting of conservative groups. He responded by saying he found out through media reports.

I first learned about it through the same news reports other people learned from,” Obama said.

Zero didn’t specify if that was the most recent round of news reports, or the news reports just prior to the election, or the news reports covering the head of the IRS giving congressional testimony over a year ago

Zero has no patience with it except for the over 2 year patience with it he’s already demonstrated. 

If it is true that Zero just recently learned of this, then that muddle-head has to be the most uninformed and uninvolved president…

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