Laughable Hyperbole And Stupidity From Alarmists, Again!

suyts space



There’s a new study out!

From the abstract…..

Climate change is expected to have significant influences on terrestrial biodiversity at all system levels…….Our global analysis of future climatic range change of common and widespread species shows that without mitigation, 57±6% of plants and 34±7% of animals are likely to lose ≥50% of their present climatic range by the 2080s. With mitigation, however, losses are reduced by 60% if emissions peak in 2016 or 40% if emissions peak in 2030.

Yes, the old ambiguous “climate change“.  HuffPo was happy to herald this pronouncement of doom.    In neither the announcing article nor the paper’s abstract come close to describing what exactly the “climate change” is.  It’s just “climate change“.  It could be hotter, or wetter, or drier, or less snow or more snow, and unbelievably, we’ve even seen some proclaim a warmer world could mean…

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