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imageDavid Burge @iowahawkblog

There are examples all over the web right now with the left crying and writing things in these terms.  Indeed, David should have included the Gosnell verdicts in that, as well. 

Check this Tweet from Planned Parenthood…..

Planned Parenthood @PPact

A just verdict. The jury has rightly convicted #Gosnell for his appalling crimes, ensuring no woman is victimized by him ever again.

What?  No mention of the infants Gosnell butchered?  Not even the 3 infants he was found guilty of murdering?  Jut the involuntary manslaughter of the one woman he was convicted of killing?  Nice

But, that’s just the left for you.  They always attempt to claim moral high ground but, when immorality slaps them in the face, they run with spin and their only thoughts are how to protect or advance their advocacy. 

Our government is singling out people and groups…

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