Gems on the Sword — Cleanliness Is next to Godliness —— May 13

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Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

Cleanliness Is next to Godliness May 13

Scripture Selection: Psalm 131:1; Proverbs 13:10; Mark 7:20-23

Food for Thought: Ps. 131:1

One of the most difficult human traits to deal with is pride. It interferes with our relationship with God and others. It produces sin and conflicts in our lives. It divides. Pride contaminates and comes before the fall.

It is important to be on guard constantly, examining our heart and our motives to be quick to put pride down. Otherwise, any of our efforts and achievements we may obtain would not be for any positive gain for the Kingdom of God. Rather, they would be for our own ego, which would send us in the opposite direction of the will of God. That’s certainly counter-productive!

The only way to stay on track is to maintain a clean heart and avoid contaminants such as…

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