More Dishonesty From Carney …… Talking Points Wrong In Only One Instance!!!

suyts space

Good grief!!  I know he’s the press secretary, but, you just can’t mislead people like this.


“The talking points that got so much attention, and let’s remember these are talking points and not policy, to this day have shown to be wrong in only one instance – and, that was the existence of demonstrations proceeding the attack.”…… “Everything else about them is true, including the assertion that extremists might have been involved…”

Yes, the “talking points” is only shown to be wrong in instance.  But, that’s only because of what it didn’t say.  Indeed, the talking points, themselves said very little.  Here is the last edited version of the talking points.


Yeh, that’s it! Over half of the text was dedicated to an entire fabrication.  And then said nothing else.  Well, it doesn’t appear that we’re working with the Libyan’s either, so maybe Carney’s dishonesty extends even beyond…

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