Bill Kristol Says Repubs Should Stop Attacking Hillary!!

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Bill Kristol, the editor of Weekly Standard, who sometimes plays a conservative on TV, wants Repubs to stop attacking Hillary, because, …..  well, “what difference does it make?”  He also thinks conservatives shouldn’t criticize the Obama administration for letting the IRS target conservative groups for over 2 years.  Because, …… Let’s pull the partisanship back.” 

Bill’s right, the campaign ended in November. …….  after an illegal abuse of power used in a partisan attack.   Oh, wait….. right, no high level official knew about the targeting of conservative groups, even after the congressional hearings over a year ago. 

On a related note, Pat Smith, mother of the late Sean Smith, wished Hillary a happy Mother’s day.

I don’t know Bill, I think the criticisms are appropriate.  I’m wondering what any mother would say if their son was left to die in some Libyan hellhole and…

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