More Anti-American Rhetoric From Obama — Thinks We’re All Immigrants — Jackasses Hate National Identity

suyts space


Wonderful bit of projection, again.

I don’t hate many things.  But, I truly hate this.

What sort of scumbaggery is this?  Bullshit!  I didn’t come from someplace else! 

I was born in Kansas.  I was born from American citizens.  Both who came from families who had been here, in America, for several generations.  I didn’t come from someplace else,

This is my heritage.  I’m not a hyphenated American.  I’m not an English-American, I’m not an Irish-American, I’m not a Scottish-American, I’m not a German-American, I’m not a French American, and I’m not an American-Indian.  Some ancestors, long ago, spawned people who eventually led to the people who gave birth to my parents. 

Unless I’m a Native American?  WTF do you think they did?  Oh, it turns out the ones here migrated and displaced and killed the ones already here. 

WTF?  Does this administration think God just scattered the people here…

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