The Drama Queen Files: Exhibit #5

Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

Based on a press release and a brochure, the media says hunters are “gasping for life” in the Arctic.

According to a headline in the UK’s Independent newspaper, the ocean is turning to acid and the Arctic’s soaring CO2 leaves fish and hunters gasping for life. The subtitle tells us that “Greenhouse gases are making seawater toxic.”

Goodness gracious, with all that gasping going on it’s easy to miss the fact that the story itself is rather disappointing. Indeed, it contains a lot of fudge:

  • “a report suggests
  • potentially huge implications”
  • “This could affect the livelihoods…”
  • “The acidification could also put further pressure…”
  • “‘This could have significant implications…”
  • “communities are extremely worried…”
  • “Ocean acidification is likely to affect…”

Let’s dial 911. People are worried about potential implications. Bad things could happen – a report suggests.

This article says the lead author of the report is…

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