Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Is Getting Bullied!!!

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Yesterday on the Senate floor, Majority Leader Harry Reid called Cruz a “schoolyard bully” after he dared to question Reid over tactics being used to raise the debt ceiling. Cruz responded by saying, “I wasn’t aware we were in a schoolyard.”

That didn’t stop there.  Reid took to Twitter! 

I want a budget compromise. Ever had to face a schoolyard bully who tries to change the rules after losing? Me too.

— Senator Harry Reid (@SenatorReid) May 7, 2013

The problem with Cruz is that he speaks his mind, he doesn’t back down, and calls a spade a spade.  In other words, he has yet to be corrupted by the Senate.  The majority leader doesn’t like this.  Reid is the consummate political power broker and Cruz won’t play his games. 

The louder the left gets about Cruz the more you know Cruz is effective. 

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