More Bad News For Gun Grabbers — Good News For Freedom!

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Oops, The Bureau of Justice Statistics have just released an update to fire arm crimes.  Guess what?  They’re down!  Source for next three graphs come from this release.

Now, don’t let people pull the stats wizardry and just present these raw numbers……


While this shows a nice decline in Firearm homicides, the number people want is the rate.  Here, we’ll show the rate per 100,000 people over the same time period.


But, here’s even a more fantastic statistic.  Non fatal gun crimes are down even more sharply! 


All the while Gallup is reporting that self-identified gun owners are on the rise.  But, the more telling is this.  Wanna know why gungrabbers can’t get anything past congress?

It isn’t just Repubs standing in the way.  40% of Dems self identify as gun owners.


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