LOL!!! A Clear Admission Of Climate Anti-Science From Hayhoe


suyts space


Well, I appreciate her candor. 

This is a quote from an interview she gave to a journal called “Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists”

Fascinating.  She does actually practice what she preaches in the interview……

However, we can look at how the heat content of the atmosphere and all have increased! 

Well, I’m sure the inclusion of the ice as increasing over the last 50 years was an unintentional gaffe, but, regardless, they don’t know what the ice was 50 years ago and neither do they know what the OHC was 50 years ago. 

Here’s another fascinating bit of idiocy.  She’s operating on the public dime…..

As a woman and as a mother, on the Internet and encouraging people to send you hate mail, some of which is so bad you have to file police reports, and much of which is decidedly misogynistic in tone.

Well, first of all, with the…

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