UK Health "Experts" Beclown Themselves Again! Malaria And Climate Change —- The Idiocy Continues


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From the Guardian, of course …..

Leading health experts are urging the government to take action against the growing threat that mosquito-borne diseases, including potentially fatal malaria, could soon arrive in the UK.

The disturbing recommendation to “act now before it is too late” is being made as a growing body of evidence indicates that what were once thought of as tropical diseases are being found ever closer to the UK. ….

“With predicted changes to climate in the UK, characterised by warming and providing perfect breeding grounds for a number of pest-borne diseases, we need to consider some robust public health measures to minimise the potential outbreaks,” said Julie Barratt, director of the CIEH.

Good heavens!  These are experts?  .  It occurs in all sorts of locations on earth. Malaria was quite common in Alaska during the gold rush.  

I am relieved that climate change has decided to…

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