More Scientific Illiteracy On Display… Reuters

The ocean isn’t acidic so it can’t have higher acidity.

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Just some excerpts…….

Acidification, blamed on the transformation of rising levels of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the air into carbonic acid in the sea, makes it harder for shellfish and crabs to grow their shells, and might also impair fish reproduction, it said.

Will the sciency people ever come to understand what the shells are made of?  And, more than that, it has already been demonstrated that this absurd idea is wrong.  As far as the fishys go, recent studies indicate that they would be adaptable to lower pH levels.  It’s that whole adaptation thingy which has allowed the many species to survive all these eons. 


Cold water absorbs carbon dioxide more readily than warm water, making the Arctic especially vulnerable.

Uhhmm…… this is…. the water which is currently in the Arctic won’t stay there.  The waters in the ocean do a tricky thing.  IT…

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