Suyts Prediction Contest!!! April Snow Anomaly Guesses?

suyts space


Well, I’ve been anticipating the snow extent results for April, but I still don’t have numbers.  Last March in our ever declining spring snow anomaly, we see this….


So, I’m curious about how it looks for April, but, they haven’t updated it. 


Where do you guys and gals think this’ll come in at?  And, will it be characterized as extreme if the snow extent for April reaches back up to the median for the data set?

Please note, that like all other data sets in the climate discussion, the graphs are skewed by cherry-picked start times and differences in tools used for measurements.  But, the climate nutters never let that get in the way of a good narrative.  We’ll have more on the whole spring snow extent some this summer.  But, for now, I thought this would be fun. 

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