OFA Off To A Great Start As Climate Nutters!!!

suyts space



Well, this went as expected. 

The OFA had recently decided to try to pressure members of congress who have been reluctant to embrace the lunacy of the climate carbonphobes.  I wondered if they were going to take a different approach than the rest of the lunatics.  …………….  NOPE!

They came out with a video…….

Like with just about everything the climate nutters utter, these particular climate nutters got just about everything wrong, or simply lied.  Well, it isn’t as if this isn’t the same small but vocal group of Malthusian Marxists pretending to care about the environment, just flying in under a different banner. 

But, to get an idea how bad these people lied.  The leftist rag, the Washington Post gave them 4 Pinocchios for this ad.  Here’s how WaPo titled this.

WaPo finishes this way…..

Certainly there’s a strong strain of skepticism about the impact of human activity…

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