Nutty Nuccitelli Utterly Fails In His Critique Of Spencer


suyts space


Good heavens can these nutters get any more sophist than what they already are?

Catholic Online interviewed Roy Spencer last week.  Nuccitelli takes exception to a statement Spencer made.

“Current solar and wind technologies are too expensive, unreliable, and can only replace a small fraction of our energy needs. Since the economy runs on inexpensive energy, in order to grow the economy we will need to use fossil fuels to create that extra wealth. In other words, we will need to burn even more fossil fuels in order to find replacements for fossil fuels.”

That statement sent Nuccitelli on a trip to imbecile land.  I’m not sure why the lunatics keep embracing this bizarre equivocation.  I think they’re just too simple to understand basic economics and math, specifically, that one shouldn’t compare unlike things. 

As per usual warmist MO, Nuccitelli devolves into an irrational argument with imaginary statistics.  Here’s his…

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