Climate Neurotics Think Rain Causes European Tummy Aches!

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imageThere’s a new study out trying to connect rain to climate change and tummy aches, or, more specifically with waterborne pathogens.  The press release gets it spectacularly wrong.

Scientists are now suggesting that greater quantities of rainfall and bigger storms could be responsible for more unsettled stomachs in parts of Europe.

The only problem with that summation is that the paper identified Europe as being the least effected.

Most reported outbreaks of Vibrio spp. following extreme water-related weather events occurred in Asia, followed by Africa and South America, while most reported outbreaks due to Leptospira spp. were in North America or Asia. More than one pathogen was identified on 16/74 (21·6%) occasions, mostly in North America or Asia (37·5% and 31·3%, respectively), followed by Europe (18·8%). Of the 74 outbreaks in which the causal pathogen was identified, 31 (41·9%) reported testing the water supply. Of these, the causal pathogen…

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