Quebec Actually Has Language Police!!!

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The other day I made fun of Washington State’s assault on the English language.  I didn’t realize Canada, or more specifically, Québec, had actually declared war on it!  Sadly, the Italian language got caught in the crossfire of this war of languages.

To understand what I’m writing about, first you have to know that Quebec really does have a language police force.  No, it’s realz!!!  And the inspectors were in hot pursuit of a horrible language crime!!!


Exactly!!!  Proof positive of a despicable crime!!

Now, however, zealots in the Office québécois de la langue française (Quebec Board of the French Language) may have gone a step too far in picking a fight with an Italian restaurant… into an anonymous complaint, Massimo Lecas received a letter from the board telling him that his establishment, Buonanotte, had broken the law by including , instead of the French word bouteille.

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