How To Balance The Budget In One Easy Painless Action — Budget Wars — The Stupidity Of All Of It — Krugman At It Again

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Well, the politicos are locked in a never-ending death match in our budget wars.  It’s incredibly stupid but, that’s our politics for you.

This morning I’ve read several articles with interest, until I realized no one is coming up with the logical solution to end this inane wrestling match. 

Of course, it doesn’t help that the left continues to mischaracterize the position of the Repubs.  Again, it isn’t as if the Repubs are actually offering fiscally and poitically viable solutions, they aren’t.

Katie Pavlich of Townhall shows us that many Dems refuse to acknowledge that they have a spending problem.  Indeed, we see that lunatic Krugman advocating more spending, pretending that the US has adopted some sort of austerity. 

The answer is, this is a time for above-normal government spending, to sustain the economy until the private sector is willing to spend again.

Of course, he…

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