‘He’s exaggerating’: Natural resources minister dismisses oil sands criticism on U.S. pipeline road show

National Post | News

A retired NASA scientist is exaggerating when he claims Canada’s oil sands development is an environmental scourge, federal natural resources minister Joe Oliver said on Wednesday.

“It does not advance the debate when people make exaggerated comments that are not rooted in the facts. And [scientist James Hansen] should know that,” Oliver told reporters in Washington, D.C., CBC reported.

Oliver is on his fourth Keystone XL pipeline road show through the United States this week, touting the energy benefits and environmental stewardship that Canada would bring to the table if U.S. authorities give the pipeline their blessings.

Hansen, who left NASA this month, has long warned the world of the dangers of climate change, explaining in a New York Times op-ed why the development of the oil sands means “game over for the climate.”

Oliver called Hansen’s argument “nonsense.”

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oilsandsDuring his visit south, Oliver said he sees…

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