Purveyors Of Hate Don’t Wish REAL Americans Purvey Hate

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You know, I didn’t have anything to do with that insidious crime of blowing up innocents.  I didn’t, you didn’t, no one blamed fellow citizens of this crime against humanity ……  except the Leftist media. 

What do you say once it becomes known?  That they were in error?  Or should it be acceptable to thrust the weight of such a horrible crime on innocent people because of their beliefs??  Our own fellow citizens? 

Today, our media doesn’t want us to speculate. 

This entire episode has shocked me.  I’m aghast.  Not at the nature of the two imbeciles bombing the Boston Marathon.  I accept that there are people who would try to terrorize freedom loving people.  Those who oppose freedom in such a way should be hunted down and killed like the dogs they are.  No one can seriously object to such thoughts.

But, there are other dogs. …

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