I’m Not Going To Say It Again! Stop Telling People What To Think, Write, Or Say!!!!

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What the heck?  Now I understand why some have left to strike out on their own.  Well, actually, I already knew.  But, this is beyond laughable and is now getting damned irritating. 

The fact is

Or, should we never mention the entire populations displaced and killed.  We also see this wasn’t an isolated event.  We see communities stripped of their belongings and their women raped, their homes burnt down, in a seemingly systematic war on the most helpless of populations.  And, we see that this has continued unabated in all parts of the world.  From forced sterilizations to murder, to depraved indifference to the destruction of humanity. 

We shouldn’t hold people accountable for these acts of atrocity because it isn’t helpful in our civil discourse?

I’ll tell you what isn’t helpful.  People that don’t highlight these crimes against humanity.  People who think we shouldn’t call a spade…

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