Government To Import More Workers Than Jobs Created Last Month

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Great news!!!  Companies plan to hire over 85,000 skilled tech workers!!!  Too bad none of them are Americans. 

Boy, you just gotta love how the government really wants to put Americans back to work.  This is the time of year when I seriously question whether or not our government actually cares about the people of this nation, or this nation as a nation.  They can’t possibly care and continue to engage in this insidious activity.  Did I say this is the time of year?  Yes, yes I did.  Because this occurs every year.  The H-1B visas!!

For those not familiar, back when, the big tech companies complained that the US simply wasn’t generating enough skilled tech workers to fulfill their needs.  I’m talking about companies like Apple, Microsoft, HP, IBM….. etc.  So, the government decided to allow companies to hire a bunch of tech workers from around the world. …

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