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When I believe I’m amply fortified to withstand a horrendous assault on basic human intellect, I trip over to the Huffington Post’s Climate Change section to see what the nutters are up to. 

They had a headline which piqued my interest…..


I thought maybe they would acknowledge that the hysterical hyperbole simply makes people laugh at them and they lose credibility.  And, that their proclamations of fact, when no such “facts” have been established may push people the other way.  Maybe?   Nope.  Not a chance.  Apparently, according to a new study, the unwashed masses simply can’t handle all of the information. 

Climate activists’ strategy of barraging people with information about the consequences of climate change could end up hurting the cause, according to a benchmark study released Thursday.

You see it isn’t the false, or overhyped  information they’re providing, it is that we can’t handle the false and overhyped information…

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