Climate Audit

Yesterday, I noted that Steig had criticised previous developers of Antarctic gridded temperature data for not having “paid much attention” to West Antarctica (e.g. the NASA GISS trend map left the area blank due to lack of data meeting their quality standards) and reproached his predecessors (including, it seems, even Hansen) for “calculating with their heads”, rather than “doing the math”, which, in his case, seems to be inseparable from the use of Mannian algorithms.

In various venues, Steig and coauthors have said that they “get” similar results using their surface/AWS reconstruction and satellite (AVHRR) reconstruction, with the similarity of the AWS result being used to reject concerns over possible problems and biases in the AVHRR reconstruction (where the monthly data remains unarchived and the data set has received negligible attention as compared to microwave and surface data).

In yesterday’s post on the West Antarctica sector of interest, I observed…

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