George Clooney ????

suyts space

This isn’t mine.  But, I think it’s worth reproducing in its entirety.  This is from

It’s a nice blog.  The Cap’n sees things in a different scope than what many here do, including myself.   But, because we see things through a different scope, and see the same things ….. well, how many different views of the same thing does one need before they accept this?  I haven’t asked, but, I don’t feel the need.  Click on the link above, or the last one to send him some …… capital. 


I checked CNBC.  Don’t ask me why, I was just checking in to see how crazy the crazies were on the financial markets.  And well, they’re still crazy.  Here’s the headline title:

If I do my math right, we are now entering the 5th year where the financial markets focus all of their attention solely on the Fed for economic…

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