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Steve has alerted us to more of the Guardian’s embracing of sophist thoughts, and poor math skills. 

So, a few of pinheads thought they’d prove how accurate climate predictors really, really are.  Myles R. Allen, John F. B. Mitchell & Peter A. Stott

Global warming predictions prove accurate

They even give us a graph!!!


Here’s the caption to the graph…..

The climate forecast published in 1999 is showed by the dashed black line. Actual temperatures are and yellow diamonds (for individual years). The graph shows that temperatures rose somewhat faster than predicted in the early 2000s before returning to the forecasted trend in the last few years. Photograph: Nature Geoscience

The other day, I wrote a post showing how scale and time frequencies can exaggerate things like a hockey stick.  And that it must be done right to put things in proper perspective. 

Well, the same principle works in…

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