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From Twitchy……

Oops! NJ reporter sees joke about meteor hitting ‘War of the Worlds’ town, contacts police

Apparently there was a meteor flashing across the sky visible from the east coast of the US.

So Twitter user tweets this…….. (my bold)

Nathan Wurtzel @NathanWurtzel

Hearing reports meteor.

So, the police get called

A tweet declaring a meteor may have landed in the Grovers Mill section of West Windsor Township was unfounded, according to local police, who said they have not received any phone calls tonight regarding the event.

So the ace reporter tweets back Nathan……

Tomás DingesTomás Dinges@tomasdinges

@NathanWurtzel where are you hearing this? Cops say they have received no phone calls about this supposed event.

To which Nathan responds…….


Nathan WurtzelNathan Wurtzel@NathanWurtzel22 Mar

@tomasdinges Do me a favor and Google Grovers Mill 🙂

Tomas takes it in stride though……

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