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Our friends across the pond are suffering some devastating weather right now, and no, it’s isn’t the scorching heat promised by global warming. 

They’ve been wracked by horrendous cold all winter and have now suffered a terrible snow storm

People are without power, people are dying.  The allowances for the utility bills have been cut and the prices for gas and electricity are rising

Are the turbines spinning?  Billions have been spent planting the whirly gigs over the countryside and off-shore.  Wouldn’t it have been better to simply go get that gas off-shore?  Maybe shore up the power infrastructure?  Maybe have some left for poor so they didn’t have to choose between food and heat

Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of other places pursuing this insanity, many states here in the US are embracing this madness.  We’re shutting down our old plants and making…

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