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This is an outrage!!!  Everyone knows Obama is Teh Won who controls the weather!!!!

image Not that loser Cameron!!! image  Well, maybe they can share the credit.  image

Yes, this is all rather idiotic, but, that’s what the Guardian specializes in.  They are sooo cutting edge and cerebral. 

Is it possible that David Cameron‘s Britain is a colder place than Tony Blair‘s? Or one with less sunshine? Well, maybe.

For those who feel that the UK is turning – like Narnia under the White Witch – into a land where it is “always winter and never Christmas” we wondered how the weather has changed under this government – and how it compares to previous parties in power.

The Met Office handily publishes monthly averages for sunshine, rainfall and temperature on its site. So we took the data and performed a crude analysis on it to work out the…

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