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On a thread at WUWT about a new graphene osmosis filter possibility, someone was talking about how there was now working Osmosis power being produced in Norway and one other place. OK, I think, this is new to me.

Yes, in theory you ought to be able to recover some of the power some how…

Turns out the way they do it is to let the water back through another membrane into the salty side, and that raises the pressure, which can then be let out through a turbine. OK, it’s a pump. Got it.

So “How efficient and how much cost”? comes to mind. Can anyone with an ocean front property and a stream power their house with this?

Well, maybe if they built a second house…

Here’s a picture of a ‘typical’ 4 kW generator. Realize that making 4 kW on an industrial scale will take an even…

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