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I’m a bit shocked that NBC would put this out.  But, maybe it’s a call to arms for the nutters.  I’m very glad, though, that people are beginning to see the huge potential the US (and our friends to the north) has.

Power shift: Energy boom dawning in America

The story is a lengthy one, but worth a read if you aren’t aware of all the oil and gas we’ve found.

Politicians have been warning for decades that the U.S. must wean itself from foreign energy, but just a few years ago their words seemed like so much wishful thinking: The U.S. was facing what seemed like ever-rising oil prices and was importing about 60 percent of its supply. Natural gas inventories were shrinking, and the country was considering importing a liquified form from the Middle East.

But in a turnaround that industry insiders describe as nothing short of…

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