By Paul Homewood

For those who have been following the saga of the Marcott Hockey Stick MkII, Steve McIntyre has followed up his series of posts, which have already raised serious questions about the paper’s credibility.

This time he has discovered that some of the proxies used by Marcott have been redated. The result can be seen in the above graph. Based on the original published dating of the proxies, there should be a sharp dip downwards in the temperature reconstruction. After Marcott has altered the dates, the uptick appears.

I always steer clear of these sort of statistical discussions, as I am not a statistician and people like Steve Mac are.

Nevertheless, I wondered how a bit of redating could make this much difference. So, apparently did one commenter, Clay Marley, on WUWT. Thanks to another commenter, K Scott Denison, there is a very simple explanation.



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