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This is a fairly lengthy post, but I think it’s an easy read.  For people advanced in graphing and smoothing, you can skip some of mid parts.  It’s intended for laymen to come to a better understanding. 


This?  image  LOL, more like this.  image

Mikey Mann is babbling again!  From Tom Nelson……

Twitter / MichaelEMann

Watching the pro #climatechange#denial smear artists spinning desperately in wake of new article ( …). Dagger in heart?

Rolling on the floor laughing  Uhhmm, no Mikey, It’s done skeptics worlds of good!  You guys were pretty boring lately.  I mean sure, there’s ton’s of material to poke fun, still, but it gets monotonous.  Well, to tell the truth the hockey stick idiocy is monotonous, but, at least this is a newish twist. 

In a post yesterday, Hank did some heavy lifting for us.  I thought I’d try some light lifting.  Dr. Curry…

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