“It would certainly work, but I am anxious that it creates something of a conspiracy impression with Kinne, and there is really no need for this just now.”

The e-mail is below.


date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 16:06:56 +0200
from: cramer@pik-potsdam.de (Wolfgang Cramer)
subject: Re: climate research
to: Mike Hulme
Dear Mike,
I, too, had raised this issue on the top of some of my “high priority piles”
on this messy desk, and I wanted to get in touch with you about it. I did
have another look at the Gray paper after we last talked about it, and I
went back to see how many other papers of this kind we have seen.
Interestingly, all of them are in the 1998 volume – this really looks like a
change in policy. The problem papers, as you probably are aware, are:
– Michaels et al. (pp. 27-33)
– Idso…

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