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Well heck, another warmist meme going by the wayside. 

There’s a new study and accompanying press release on how resilient the jungles would be to a warmer world.  We used to often read about how this would kill our jungles.  As if a warmer world with more CO2 is bad for plants….. or something. 

The abstract is here.

Despite the considerable uncertainties, we conclude that there is evidence of forest resilience for all three regions.

The three regions being the jungles of Latin America, Africa, and SE Asia.

From the news release……

suggests a new study published in Nature Geoscience.

In the most comprehensive assessment yet of the risk of tropical forest dieback due to climate change, the results have important implications for the future evolution of tropical rainforests including the role they play in the global climate system and carbon cycle.

Dr Huntingford said, “The big surprise…

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