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First a note from Suyts: 

I’d like to state my gratitude to Hank.  His balanced and dispassionate approach to the data from Marcott et al has been invaluable. 

Because of the format of this blog, in that I rarely split a post to where the reader can’t see the entire post just by clicking on my home page, it is impossible to determine exactly how many people viewed his first post on Marcott.  But, we do know that literally thousands have viewed his post.  There’s only been one criticism….. and that was pretty mild. 


Guest post by Hank

I wanted to take a more robust look at the proxies used in the Marcott et al. paper. In the first peek, I had to guess about a number of issues and wasn’t particularly interested in aligning on Marcott’s reference period of 1961 to 1990. My main purpose was…

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  1. HankH says:

    And thank you Kim!

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