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As readers can imagine, Hank and I have been conversing about the Marcott paper beyond what has been shown in this blog.

As some of the more astute readers may know, Hank is a professional numbers guy.  As readers would note, in his guest posts, rhetorically, he’s not very bombastic.  Well, he’s not bombastic at all.  He lays the numbers out, his approach, and his findings.  It’s all rather dispassionate.  This is his unbiased approach.  He constrains himself to the ethos and ethics of his profession and personal conduct. 

I would assert that if our climate scientists would conduct themselves in this manner, I’d have very few climate issues to write about.  But, they don’t.  The lie, obfuscate, distort, and otherwise play the role of an advocate instead of operating in a manner the public expects from our scientists and mathematicians engaged in the climate issues. 

So why am I…

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