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Guest post by Hank

Many readers know that the blogosphere is a buzz with alarmists excited over the latest 73 proxy, 11,280 year climate reconstruction by Marcott et al. published March 7th in the journal Science. Here’s a link to the abstract.

And why are alarmists so excited?


Link to larger image

Do you see it to the very right of the reconstruction? It’s the famous hockey stick. To coin Frankenstein’s famous words when his monster was brought back to life – “it’s alive!”

Alarmists are high-fiving themselves because the Marcott study purports to have found the same blade of the hockey stick in the 73 proxies used in the study, lending further proof that anthropogenic CO2 has warmed the earth in an unprecedented way in the past 150 years.

Most who read suyts space know that I enjoy working with paleo climate data to generate my own…

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