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Just yesterday, I wrote a post on the ineffectiveness of the Head Start program


Specifically, it appears the Head Start program teaches our children to be stupid when it comes to math.  Of course, I wasn’t the only one.  This was in several places on the internets.  So, what is the official response?


Well, Zero tweets this…….

The White House @whitehouse

4:37 PM – 25 Feb 13

This is the flaw of this idiotic way of thinking that one can just throw money at something and it fixes or helps something.  It doesn’t matter how much we spend on education.  If the instruction is improper, then we’re doing more harm than good and we’re spending money to do the harm.  In education standards must come first, then spending where it is necessary.  We’re better off not doing anything instead of spending money to do more harm. 

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